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Enrique Piqueras
I believe that the world is deterministic, matter is continuous, and life is fuzzy.
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A brief history of me.
I am American/Peruvian, born in Lima, Peru: a beautifully scrappy country in the South American midwest. I left when I was 6, and life took me through many different places: Chile, Hong Kong, Florida, California, Portugal, Washington. Every one of them adding something special to my world view and knowledge. Moving so much always comes with much pain, but I am so thankful for the experiences and memories that I wouldn't change it for anything.
I've been lucky to build a career pursuing one of my first hobbies, Computer Science, where I started working on vehicle telematics before I did the whole Blockchain startup thing. Then after getting to push my favorite platform, the Web, forward while working for one of the most remarkable organizations in the world, Automattic. I started working at Sail to redefine how we experience the Web in the first place.
As for fun, somewhere along the line growing up, while training for rugby, judo, and windsurfing, I became enthralled by the training processes themselves and built up a vast knowledge base of science-based training, nutrition, and performance. There's something about tuning your body like a computer. The focused state it puts me in with the commitment, consistency, discipline, intuition, and stress management it builds resonates with my personality and lifestyle. I'll probably compete in something in the future to see how far I can take it.
My plans for the future.
I plan to be happy. I am never going to play those games society likes in which no one wins. The meaning of life is that you get to define what it is for you, which is the best thing about it.
For me, it means exploring and pushing my potential at work and having the most impact possible in enabling the future of how we interact with the Web. I've learned almost everything I know on the Web, so this is a mission I truly stand behind. I want future generations to have an even better experience and better opportunities than I did. It also means pushing myself inside and outside of the gym to achieve the highest level in my sport that I possibly can while taking care of previous and fostering new relationships with family and friends that I've made around the world.
I'll leave you with an excellent quote from writer Enid Bagnold.
"Who wants to become a writer? And why? It's the streaming reason for living. To note, to pin down, to build up, to create, to be astonished at nothing, to cherish the oddities, to let nothing go down the drain, to make something, to make a great flower of life, even if it's a cactus."